Our first demo is here!!!

Finally, after months of hard work we managed to release a demo with which we are happy. We release it to be showcase at the Square Enix Collective monthly display. We want to give people the possibility to play and experience our project, so I take this opportunity to invite you to vote on our page and tell your friends about our project. Any critic or suggestions can be made directly there, in the “Feedbacks” section.

With this demo we want to cover mainly 3 goals:

  1. Show the context of the story, some elements of the plot, and the general feel of the game. This demo serves as a prologue to the main plot, a preamble of what we mean to achieve and how we mean to do it.
  2. Show our basic mechanics and how our game works in the playable section. This demo introduces some of the “apps” that will appear in the final version, the detective will need to use them to solve cases and move forward in the story.
  3. We also want to know your opinion about our main mechanic: Hacking emotions. We are very proud of the result but we are still working to make it better, and we want to know how you see feel about it and what suggestions you can give us to improve it.

I can only invite you to vote for us at Square Enix Collective and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. We continue to work on a better game for you and for us.

The first <HackList>

Hi everyone. I’m Isaac, one of the main programmers and designers of HackList here at Caustic Games.

This is my first post, and I’d like to tell you about the origins of this adventure:
It all started almost a year ago when we made a game for the Hack-Jam on itch.io site. There, we were only able to finish an incomplete game also named <HackList>. We loved the result but we didn’t had the sufficient time to continue developing it. You can take a look here: https://narval.itch.io/hacklist

This year, with the born of Caustic Games, this and another great projects became alive as well. Of course, it wasn’t always the same. There has been a lot of changes since then and there are surely a lot more to come. But I’ll tell you more about that anytime soon.

See ya!


Hi everyone my name it’s Fernando but you can call me mumumba, I’m one of the coders in this fantastic adventure. 

I need to Teel everyone I’m in love with the story, the characters and the creative ways to continue the story. So stay tuned I’m. Gonna talk about some things about the games and the weird thing that we live since we started this development

Pd: my native language it’s Spanish so don’t be mean I’m trying my best. 

Our First Build ScreenShot!!!

Hi kiddos nice to see you around here again, I hope your are looking for some spicy memes and beautifull imagen of our game.


Now I want to show you our first screenshot ever from the first build, so enjoy as much as we!



Devlog Introduction


I’m Erika-chan from Caustic Games and we are very proud of our big first game: Hacklist. We call it Zipi, just for love. We wanna show it to all of you and share our exitement.

You all can’t even imagine how happy we are with this project and we wanna show our new material in development.

More info, coming soon 😉

We hope to go out to Steam in May. Can you believe it?

Throughout the next days we’ll present to you the progress of the game, including new features and the main characters.